Chronic Thinking – #think #discuss 


Chronic thinking topic: 
Many years ago, and going back centuries, it was more common to have a mentor in life in someone whom you can confide, discuss, and share your thoughts. 
It was a very important and key role in many people’s lives. Many cultures have elders, or relatives etc which fulfill these roles based on their age and life experience. Tibetan culture also has a religious mentor and mentor monk who is a very important figure. 
Such mentors are known for their thoughts, listening skills, experiences, logic, non judge mental attitude etc…
Do you personally have such a person in your life? Do you think people should forge these relationships? Do you think that a lot of young people’s social problems are caused by lack of proper mentors and using celebrities and media to fill these roles????

4 thoughts on “Chronic Thinking – #think #discuss 

  1. Yes I do have many mentors, Yes the world uses false mentors. We confuse our mentors for celebrities and sports figures. but it is nothing new. i mean it is a fixture of not being connected. Connected to our larger families, communities or much of anything.

    There you go being right again Trish. You a re like taking to my wife. She is right as well. See what a great husband I am? (well sometimes)


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