Puppy and Baby Syndrome – #respect #life #observation 


Look at the picture above and within minutes your heart will probably have melted. It’s so EASY to do. 

It happens every day, all over the world, every second we are bombarded with pictures of cute animals or babies… And the world can’t get enough of it. 

The Internet is groaning under the weight of these pics and if they were all suddenly deleted overnight, billions of people would be lost for something to look at. 

However, how many people would willingly go to a site where pictures of people their own age and species battling bravely with some difficult situations or challenges? 

For example someone dealing with grief, disability, addiction, divorce, illnesses and other serious life events… Most people don’t appear interested with someone the same age, same sex, who might be dealing with things which aren’t pretty or fun. 

Worse still, most don’t want to let them have a voice or even acknowledge their plight. Seem strange? … It really mystifies me. 

Even worse when we start creating and inventing reasons why we don’t engage ourselves or even start rationalizing why the person is undeserving of help or assistance Ie. “…They don’t deserve help because they probably bought it on themselves…” “… [he] is old enough to know better..” “… [she] is always such a drama queen…” These are the sad barriers we erect in order not to become involved or be inconvenienced. It’s just plain sad to me. 

As humans we can be as cruel in our inactions and thoughts, as we are with our actions and words. 

Is it because most people are clearly able to deal with funny and pretty things, but once there is an event that requires more of a person emotionally, mentally and intellectually people seem less skilled at coping, helping or engaging. So people don’t and won’t. 

It seems sad to me really. 

Because if we go through life constantly sifting and only looking for the pretty and easy things we are really only living a small fraction of what life requires of us. What life is trying to teach us and what we need to grow as people. 

I know someone who had tried to regress from the demands of life and realities of life that they had regressed to a time when [they] were happiest and created a childlike existence with toys, books, clothes and even speak in a child like way. It felt clear to me that they were determined to live life when they believed it was happiest and easiest to deal with. It was truly heartbreaking to witness. 

But the world empathizes with puppies and babies, but are far less endorsing and supporting of adults who encounter difficult events. They are ‘deemed’ as failures if they can’t deal with them or resolve them on thier own. 

The reality is that puppies and babies don’t need endorsing. They don’t psychologist. They don’t need marriage guidance counceling and the worst feeling they might have is hunger. 

I hope no one is going to assume I don’t like babies or animals… That would be a very poor reaction to this piece. Of course I value animals and babies alike. I ALSO feel like we should be able to show the same respect and support to people who have far more difficult circumstances in front of them. 

There is no logical reason why we shouldn’t offer respect, support and encouragement and I invite us all to embrace those difficult situations and circumstances and allow ourselves to learn and grow through many of life’s events and through many different eyes. 

Gentle hugs, 


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