What The..?

I was just watching a documentary which got me thinking…

An elderly lady (mid 70s) is sitting beside a younger lady (mid 20s) and they are casually chatting…
EL: When I was married I was 8 stone! Yes! 8 stone. My waist was so small!!
YL: … Really?!…
EL: Yes! I was a real catch!
(both smiling)

It struck me that I have heard this from my own mother and several other people in my life time, and they all speak about it as though it was a trophy and something to be proud of. Yet when you think about it, it really says nothing about character, it says nothing about spirit, it says nothing about your personality or intelligence… it is simply a weight. A number. An image. A social standard.
It really has nothing to do with what sort of person you are or whether you are going to be a happy couple or a decent person!!
I think it is SO sad that this is the social standard that women are measured on and that what we measure ourselves on! How many men do you know boast about being 8 stone when they get married?

My hope that as generations go on and learn more, that this type of thinking will be seen for what it really is, and be replaced with healthier and better thought processes and more worthy goals.

I felt sad when I was confronted by the mistakes and poor choices of my mentors and older generations, but I believe it is important that THIS generation do its best to start the process of change.

….Just my thoughts anyway.

Gentle hugs,


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