Spread The Message – 


As part of Autoimmune Awareness Month 

May I ask a favour? Please…
If you know someone, love someone or ARE someone with an Autoimmune Disease, please copy and post this on your wall to let them know you love them and you are proud of them, and all that they go through, everyday. 
It takes just two minutes to copy or share this but it means the world to someone fighting everyday. 
So many chronically Ill people choose suicide because they grow tired of the endless battle and feel as though the world may have forgotten them. Please show them you haven’t. 

There are over 80 different Autoimmune Diseases and over 100’s of millions of Autoimmune fighters worldwide. They are all important and all count. 
They just want to know that their struggle is respected and that they are still loved and valued; even if they can’t physically do what they could. 
Thank you so much. 
#autoimmuneawareness #goviral

9 thoughts on “Spread The Message – 

  1. That is such a good reminder, because so often we are running around doing so many things, getting tired or worse. A little prompt is good to share with others who are doing it hard, dealing with Auto immunity, is tough enough without having to do everything else


  2. I would be lost without my wife. For 39 years she has been taking of me, diabetes, RA and ankylosing spondylitis. yeah it is a lot, less than some more than others, but a lot. My valentines day note to my wife appears each year on my blogs. I hope you drop over and look things over. It says all i can about the person who took a chance on me 39 years ago.


      1. Oh course you may share it, did you fine it ? I am always hapy to share an item about my lovely wife.


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