Cheaper by the dozen!?

When it comes to Autoimmune Illnesses let me assure you that this is one very good contradiction to the old belief that things are cheaper by the dozen!!

The money we currently spend supporting our several AI’s could buy a small island in the pacific!! Its staggering!!

Very little is actually available on PBS, but we are grateful for those that are!!

This is NOT a political post though… Or a commentary on the state of Health Services globally OR Health Insurers…

I am often asked why I don’t specifically list ALL the dx I have and all the ones that may still be lingering ready to activate. The answers are easy to me.

  1. Its not about how many! What difference does it make? Really? It is not a competition. Therefore I don’t see the relevance.
  2. I like to believe that I am still allowed to be a human being and have a right to some privacy. There are some very intimate details connected with some of these diseases like Sjogrens or RA that I would prefer to keep between my husband and I for now.
  3. I have always found that when I start talking about multiple illnesses, there is always someone who asks advice or information that they should REALLY be getting from their own doctors and treating physicians.
  4. I believe that the things I write about is useful and valuable for a whole range of AIs and Chronic Illnesses, and are my own first hand experiences.

My full and complete medical record will always be between me, my doctors, and my husband. I don’t ask others to disclose anything and everything, and I don’t dispense all details of my life like a vending machine.

Everyone has our own personal histories and how they got to this place. I respect theirs and I expect the same in return.

That said… I empathize with, and respect so many of you out there, and your own personal journeys and I consider it a privilege to connect and unite with you all.

Gentle hugs,


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