The Love Of Our Lives – 

So many people have this picture that there is only one true love of our lives. 

It’s my belief that this is wrong. 

I think we have a love for every part of our life. Every person we are. Every where we are in life. If.. We allow it. 

We all remember our first love, and the many loves offer that but if you are a loving person you will always find something and someone to love. That’s probably the greatest part about this human existence. 

There are as many things and people to love out there as there are phases of our lives and stages of our lives. Each love is different and unique. And a blessing.

Love may not always be as memorable or as heartbreaking as our first love but it is never the less special in every way. 

Don’t be too quick to judge what love should look like, but rather how it feels. 

Sometimes it’s a warm feeling, a comfort, a joy, a sunshine on a gloomy day, an unspeakable bond and an undefinable joy. 

It might be a person, a place, a companion pet, a passion, a hobby or even, yourself. Love is love. 

When we limit ourselves to the things that we call or recognise as love we cut our lives short and our opportunities. 

My hope and my aim is to discover all the different types of love out there and the privilege to enjoy them for as long as they last. 

Like walking along the beach and collecting beautiful and unique shells, I hope that there will always be treasures to find amidst the many millions washed ashore. 

It’s not always the first loves, but the last loves, that mean the most. 

Gentle hugs, 


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