To ER or not ER? – 

I find that when you have more than one dx you tend to have some form of flare/ discomfort / pain / symptoms etc to manage.. Every. Single. Day. 

It is for this reason that I personally choose not to go to ER every time I am in pain. Even on bad days. Even when I feel at my whits end sometimes. I have accepted that this is, sadly, part of the journey with these illnesses and why there are SO many support groups out there. 
If I went every time I felt in pain or at the end of my rope I would be in hospital ALL the time. 
It is my belief that ERs and ED are ONLY for acute problems and near death situations. No matter how much pain is involved. No matter how emotionally taxing your situation can get. This is how we must live. 
I often get told to go to ER by well meaning people who know me as Autoimmunitygirl and personally, but I choose to try and cope at home and notify my healthy nurse and/or specialists office regarding my situation when needed. I still have that right and that choice. 
This doesn’t mean I am not really sick or pretending. I have been to ER before in pain, only to be told that I should contact my specialists physician and dismissed, with the option of staying in for observation…Which I absolutely DONT want. That would only be more taxing as I would be away from hubby. My own amenities and my dearest furries. 
My advice to any of you is use your own best judgement when it comes to your health. Ask your Dr or specialist for advice, absolutely,  but it is ultimately YOUR choice.
When you have to manage a life long journey, pleasing everyone else is simply a waste of energy and unproductive. 

We must learn to know our own limits and body. 

People (well and sick) are always going to judge your choices but it’s YOU who ultimately have to live with them. 
As well as being chronically Ill, we often have to develop very thick skin to the comments of anyone and everyone. As difficult as this can be at times, because we often feel like open wounds and very vulnerable to people’s comments, but the reality is that we have to find the power to rise above the judgements of everyone else and anchor ourselves in self belief and knowing our own bodies. This is perhaps just as important than the Meds we get. 

– (this is my OWN personal opinion and not medical advice) 
Gentle hugs, 

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