The Hard Part – #carer #love #respect #salute



Over the years I have had some lovely things said by wonderful and empathic people, which I am honoured to have met and know. Friends, family and fellow fighters…

They have told me that I an inspirational and while I am flattered that they would say such things, the truth is I don’t think I am.

I think I do what any one of you would do in these circumstances and if you were dealt health challenges; you would do the best you can.

You see I didn’t have a choice. It was imposed upon me. I didn’t want Autoimmune diseases AND I will line up for the cure when they find it… in the meantime I try my best, do my best, and learn all I can about ways that I can be my best while going through it all.

BUT… the real unsung heroes and the people that ARE inspirational are the CARERS… the support networks… that CHOOSE to stand by people like me. They could go, but they choose NOT to. They pick us up, they clean us up, they cheer us up and they NEVER, EVER give up.

That’s why I feel strange when people say I am inspirational or brave.

That’s why I wrestle with these labels.

That said, it is Carers Week coming up… and there are over 2.7 million UNPAID carers that often work around the clock for the love it. No, for the LOVE of us.

If you could find it in your hearts to remember them too and help me celebrate THEM, I would be so so grateful.

If you were moved to do a little more, there is also a pledge wall which recognizes the contribution and devotion of these people.

Thank you so much!

Many thanks and love,

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