Ode To My Education – #learning #education #knowledge

It seems to me…
The saddest part about university and the way that learning and knowledge is approached in this society is that people are entering universities to get jobs and not to learn how to think. 
Learning is dispensed as a product. 
“Insert coin here and out comes a chance for a job.”

It’s an industry. 

I would like to see people with real knowledge and experience being able to add to the collective wisdom and knowledge of humanity. 

Young people need to experience life. 
Older people have to share knowledge. 
Wisdom is a result of distilling experience and skills. It’s not a product. 
Learning how to think and what to think about takes decades. 
Like a good wine… Wisdom and knowledge requires age to improve its quality.  
I would…

Encourage young people to learn. Experience. Try. Fail. Distill life. And THEN go to university and share… 
Life shouldn’t be about getting a degree simply to earn a living or get a job as we are changing jobs more times then we get new cars. 
Universities are simply loading young people with debt that they can never pay for jobs they will leave and have to change. 
There is nothing that I ever learned at the university level that helped me cope and make it through this changing world. My career or my life choices…That still takes time and experience. 

– my thoughts anyway.

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