My Chronic Home – #home #sanctuary #life #peace

Today I thought about my home and the life that has evolved in the past 10 years. 

It is a far cry from the homes and lifestyles of my 20s in so many ways that it often makes me ask “was I really THAT person?” I was. But I am not anymore. 

Time, health, experience has changed me. I have evolved and grown me in so many ways too numerous to count. 

I remember an old saying which says “you get back what you put in” and so I have worked hard to make a home that’s quiet, stress free, kind, supportive, peaceful, nature loving, calm and comfortable. For that I am truly grateful. 

The time I have spent to minimalise and ‘declutter’ the world around me has rewarded me with the knowledge that I can manage to still have some sort of life after all my body has been through and continues to go through. 

A visitor to my home may find it very quiet, open, and very unlike the world of today. I don’t mind a bit. I am happy for that. 

A world of anger, fear, stress, Rush, push, and confusion is no place for the autoimmune and chronically ill. 

I crave the ability to be able to stabilize my life. To nourish it. To treat it with respect. To feed it with peace and temperance. It’s how I can be at my best and make the best of the life I have. 

I love knowing how many steps to my bathroom (12) and how many steps to my front door (26) and where the hand rails are. These seem like meaningless things to some but they are survival to me.

Going out into the world I feel like that persona Bear Gryls leaping off a cliff. It is full of the unknown and unthinking. 

Ironically the ordered life I have now enables me to be able to gauge my health and know what strength I have in me and ration it out upon the things I love and care about. 

My chronic home may seem like a strange, monastic life to some… But it is my true treasure and sanctuary. 

2016 has seen me appreciate it more than ever and I hope to continue to continue to be grateful for all that it has been and all that it does for my family and me. 

Gentle hugs, 


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