Falling Stars – #Media #Chronic #Struggle #Fame

One of the Autoimmune Communities that I cherish and help admin posted this article recently, and although it may not be in reference to an Autoimmune Disease, it does clearly show what life is like for MANY Chronic illness sufferers.
If this article is true (unconfirmed)… what a terrible and cruel blow!
It shows just how far we HAVEN’T come yet… People are still so cruel and ignorant.
I also commend her for showing the world the realities of the chronically ill through the vehicle of the Bravo series. If what they are reporting about the actions of David Foster are true then I say SHAME David Foster. Shame!
I wont pretend to comment on the medical status of Ms Foster but I hope that whatever happens in the future she will always have the support and care of those who truly love her.
Sadly, we have ALL had close friends and family accuse us or hurt us in these ways but it only reflects on them… NOT our illnesses.
My heart goes out to ANYONE that may have been through this sort of behaviour and treatment. My only hope is that you will ALL still hold faith in yourselves despite the terribly cruel words and actions, listen to your own body and hold your heads up high!

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