My Vintage Industrial Home – #decorating #home #creativity

Vintage home 2


Some people may not realise it but I do have many other passions and interests outside of my advocating for Autoimmune Diseases and Cures. I do love the creativity that has grown inside me since I have been house bound and so I have looked for ways of releasing these creative juices!

When I became very ill I decided that I was going to create a relaxing and supportive environment for which to draw strength and as much joy as I could.

As luck would have it, we had just bought and moved into our new home when, you guessed it, I had my first terrible flare and a very frightening case of Optic Neuritis. I was bed ridden and terrified.

When you lose your sight, even for a short time, you begin to appreciate the aesthetic aspects of everything, with a deeper appreciation than ever before. It was about this time that I decided that I was going to create my own personal sanctuary and a vista from every room in the house… This has been my dream and focus every day since.

I loved the idea of recycling older, vintage items and recycling preloved items. I also loved the cottage garden look and so with this in mind I began dreaming…

Today I am deeply happy with how far we have come and the comfortable home we have created and when I am not blogging and managing my diseases, I am planning the next step in our decorating and gardening journey.

It was also the impetus behind starting some of the Facebook pages devoted to arts, music, hobbies and interests for those with health issues and challenges.

I have met and connected with so many people from all over the world and it always surprises me how many wonderfully talented people there are out there and how many common interests we share.

Although this may have not been the life that I had planned and worked for, I have met some amazing people and had some very unexpected and beautiful discoveries along the way.

I have also discovered a love for art and drawing, that I have been trying to develop; even with painful joints and all. I am discovering as many loves and passions as I am illnesses, and it really has been a journey.

I can’t thank all of you enough for sharing this journey with me, and if you too happen to enjoy any similar interests (art, decorating etc) I would love to hear from you.

We really ARE more than our illnesses and we can never let ourselves forget that, even in our darkest and most difficult hours.

Gentle hugs,




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