New Eyes – #life #love #lessons 

Last night my mind played that game …”if I had my time again…” 

I said that “even if I still ended up with AIs I would …” 

– Be kinder on myself. 

– Not smoke 

– Not drink to please others 

– Not be such a people pleaser 

– Started at the gym earlier in life (I loved it) 

– Met me husband much earlier and get to spend more healthier years with him. 

– gone on walking / trekking holidays (I loved walking) 

– been MUCH kinder to my older and sicker relatives. More patient and understanding. 

– Gone to the doctors when I FIRST got symptoms and not hid them to protect my job or to stop people belittling me. 

– Worked and lived overseas for years. 

– Embraced my artwork earlier. 

– Embraced ME more. 

– Stop overthinking. 

– Finished my degree. 

– Stop people pleasing. 

– Stopped comparing my life / worth to others. 

– Been more patient with myself. 

– Learned to cook earlier (I love it) 

– Embraced my girly side. 

– Feared people’s opinions less. 

We all have lists of our own that we would say or do (or be) differently but the catch 22 is that you only see their true value with hindsight. And. It’s the AIs and hardships that make us see these things at all. 

Life, to me, is not a straight line. It’s a series of crossroads and highways. Back roads and perilous tracks. All of which takes us in many different places and shows us different views. 

I can’t change these things but I recognise their value and worth and that must surely mean something. 

The one thing I can do is use my new eyes to see a different world. 

Much love, 


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