Real Superheroes – 

Today the cinemas are churning out Marvel movies like designer drugs for a world obsessed with super heroes, super strength and super personalities.

The fantasy of being super human is so so alluring!!!

The only problem is that we leave, go back to our normal lives and are faced with the reality that superheroes and superpowers are all just a lie. A story made up by some, now very rich, people who probably fantasize about being more than mortal themselves. Who knows.

As entrepreneurs they have certainly hit the bullseye. But as an example of how to cope with real life issues and problems they are way off.

It seems that the last thing on the worlds collective minds these days is real life issues. No one wants to hear them. Face them. Love them. Or fix them.

Yet what the world seems intent on is escapism. Denial. Luxury. Competition and diminished responsibility.

Do I have all the answers for all that is happening and wrong in the world? NO. I am the first to say I am not a Superhero that mystically saves the world. But. I care. And if you look back on every fake superhero in every book. Every movie. Every legend. Every picture. Every story. They may wear different tight fighting garb, but first and foremost they are supposed to care.

I think the most important thing that anyone of us can do for ourselves, our loved ones and this world is to care.


Superheroes are not really things of legends. The truth is they are everywhere. They are the strangers that come to our rescue when we cry help. They are the partners that hold our hands when we are lost in pain. They are the people who carry on in indescribable pain and unbelievable challenges just for the ones they love. They are the people who put their lives on the lines to rescue people and keep people safe.

Superheroes are people who actually 100% care. And it shows. It is the type of thing that can’t be faked.  You can tell someone who drives like they don’t care. Talks like they don’t really care. That works like they don’t care. That are in relationships that don’t care. That are in public office and roles that they don’t care about.

Heroes always think of others. They do things for others. They feel for others. They are empaths. They are trying to help others. They want others to see the good in the little things.  The importance in the details.

The other thing I notice about these superheroes is that with few exceptions, most are ordinary individuals … And that’s  where my own story hinges also. The absolute belief and hope that ordinary people can, and do, do things that make a difference and they give there all.

Nowhere have I seen this more evident and  then in the homes and hearts of the chronically ill and the loved ones who support them.

The acts of love and bravery that I see in all of these people are nothing short of heroic.

No sacrifice is too much. No struggle is too great. No gesture too small. The superpower is the power that everyone taps into to keep going beyond their limits and capacities. It’s called love.

Love is the ONLY superpower that really exists on this planet. It makes us able to endure the endurable. Survive the unsurvivable. Forgive the unforgivable. Fight the unwinnable battles. Stand fast when it would be easier to go.

I see superpowers in every spoonie, chronically ill and health challenged person I have ever met and I will make sure that it will not be forgotten or overlooked.

You don’t have to wear a cape, just a heart that is focused on the things that really matter… And. Just. Keep. Going.

Special thanks to all the superheroes in my  life. You know who you are.


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