The Same Page –


This may sound so common sense that many of you may read this and shake your head with wisdom and amazement. However for some of you who take years to learn some things and even longer to admit to it then I hope my admission will help. I humbly offer you the following…

My problems in life where never really about making a decisions. It has been the second guessing of them.  Constant over analysis. Constantly beating myself up. To no real advantage. So much mental energy and wasted time. 

Today after a tearful event I turned to my hubby and it was like a light went on in my head! I said to him “I want to finally get on the same page about some hard decisions…” 

We can’t always know the right and best decisions to make in this life but we have to be able to support each other no matter what. Babies. Jobs. Holidays. Investments. We can only go with what we know about a topic and what we know about ourselves. 

We made some rules which we intend to keep… Here they are. 

1. If one of us reaches a decision and makes a call about something we MUST support each other in it. No second guessing. No what ifs. No more wasting energy and mental resources trying to imagine every possible answer or solution. 

2. All energy must be channelled into supporting each other and focusing on the next chapter. 

3. Don’t look back. Never look back. 

That said I am excited where this new pact can and will take us. I am reminded how my mother was very committed to this thinking. Perhaps it is the gift of the ages or the gift of common sense. 

Common sense is not always common and can come at a high cost. Common sense can also give birth to some great leaps forward. Let’s hope! 

Gentle hugs, 


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