A Holiday Request – #holiday #support #love 


Here is the post I have sent to my loved ones on social media. I hope others might consider xxx

It reads like this….

I hope we are not too late to reach many of you out there … Derek and I feel very passionately about this and so we hope this message will be received with the kindness and respect it is intended. 

A friend of mine gave me the push I needed to say the words out loud without feeling like I might be misinterpreted or hurt people that I love dearly. 

Here goes …

Derek and I feel your love and kindness throughout the year that exchanging Xmas cards are not the important reminder of how much we care for each other all year long. 

But there are people and organizations that need our help and a reminder they are cared for and supported. If you were thinking of sending a card to us we would love it if you put that money into a donation (even a small amount) towards a charity or organization of your choice. It’s entirely up to you. But nothing would make us happier than to know someone is eating, safer or happier due to a small gesture from all of you. 

Thank you for your love and understanding. 

Have a safe and happy holidays from hubby me and the furries. 

May 2016 have many happy memories and surprises for us. 


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