Real Housewives Of Chronic Illness – #illness #YolandaFoster #Chroniclife



Last night on the #RHOBH we saw #Yolanda Foster speak openly and candidly about her life and her battle with Chronic Illness.
I found myself filled with tears as she spoke openly and dared to say things that people don’t like to hear or talk about.
She even very bravely revealed herself with Out make up and dared to go out (no matter how briefly) without full make up and she opted to dress for comfort so that she could be at her ‘friends’ party.
The onscreen comments that were made, whilst typical for the genre, were also very common from a world that doesn’t understand what it is like to fight so hard just to be part of this world.
Thankfully Yolanda has a lot of famous supporters, family and tonnes of money to help make her life a little more comfortable, but as we saw, not even all the money in the world can bring cures for certain diseases and no matter who you are, how pretty you were or how powerful you might be, incurable diseases still changes and damages lives forever.
I could not help but find myself weeping openly and relating to so many of the comments she made. “… I am only living for my family or I would have ended it all by now…” “…how long do I have to suffer for?…” and “…I have travelled the world and tried everything and still I am no better or feeling better…”
These are such common feelings, and painful admissions that I am truly impressed that a show like this chose to air these ‘unglamorous comments’. I am sadly grateful that she (and the show) has spoken out and revealed these terrible battles.
Chronic Illness is an unimaginable hell (physically and emotionally) and very difficult to explain to people who have not been affected. I hope that she (and all of us) continue to speak out, not just to help educate the world but for our own mental health. We need to be able to speak openly about our lives and our struggles without feeling judged or shunned. I, for one, hope that she continues to speak out and show the real life, day-to-day battles behind many of these diseases and I hope that it by doing so we ALL can feel less isolated and better understood.
Gentle hugs,


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