Top 10 what? –


Have you noticed how everyone is putting together and publishing their Top 10 tips on almost everything from cleaning toilets to surviving cancer. 

I find myself quite surprised by how generic the world is becoming, and seems to enjoy being. It seems quite pedestrian that we can learn all we need to about life in a list of 10 steps or actions. 

I am now in my 40s and I don’t believe there is any simple or universal way to do anything except your own way and in your own time. 

In fact the older I get the more I feel like the less I know. Perhaps the lists we could value the most from are lists of things we know about ourselves … At least in an attempt to be more self aware and understand ourselves better. 

Does making a list of things to be happy or grateful for actually make us happy or grateful for them? 

Does making a list of 10 things to do before you die mean that your life is valueless or has no meaning if you don’t do them? 

Being individuals is a perfect opportunity to live life according to what we think, feel,  learn, experience and hope for. We can’t expect others to know what things mean to us or how they impact us unless they have been in our shoes or have our personalities and resources. 

Lists are helpful to me when I need to remember something like groceries, but they can’t help me understand how to make the most of life or how to be the person I want to be. That takes time, experience, opportunity, love, passion, hope and support. 

No one can, or should, tell you how to live your life but it’s nice when we connect with others who have experienced similar things in life and understand some of things we might be feeling, and going through. Some of the most amazing people  I have ever met didn’t tell me what to do or  how to do it, but made me feel like they loved me and believed in me no matter what. 

My list is just that… MY list. I hope you have your OWN lists of things you like and things you like to look back on sometimes. Life has a way of happening with, or without, a list. 

Gentle hugs, 


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