Now For A Brief Message –

To all my wonderful followers, friends, supporters, fellow fighters, loved ones and Autoimmunes out there. I wanted to take a few moments to remind you all of why I blog and the intention behind what I do.

It has ALWAYS been about raising awareness and support for all of us who go through very difficult and debilitating Autoimmune illnesses, and try to still have a valid and appreciated role in society. 

I deliberately don’t list all my diagnosis as even though I have added several more to my list of challenges, I don’t view them as trophies that I have achieved or as a competition. I feel just as important as any of you out there. I care very deeply for how we are ALL respected, dignified and accepted. I write and advocate for ALL Autoimmunes out there. I feel connected to you all. 

Recently I have extended my feelings and sense of belonging to include all those who must contend with chronic conditions as there are many experiences we all share in common. 

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this blog is not about my own personal celebrity or wanting to gain glory for me. That’s why I used the name Autommunitygirl and not Trish D. I am not trying to get money, fame or pity. 

I would be deeply saddened if people thought my writing was a pity party and an attention seeking exercise. I try to show the world the truth and realities that many, not just me, go through every day. I hope to be a voice for those that resonate with these experiences and hopefully they can gain a sense of shared experiences and belonging. 

I care very deeply for so many fighters out there. Some I have met and many I haven’t     I am thrilled by some of the friendships I have been able to make on the way and honored by some of the people who have reached out and written letters of support. 

We never imagined Autoimmuitygirl would be embraced by so many and so quickly and every new follower is someone else who is united and focused on breaking down barriers and stigmas. Education and hope is the key to a better outcome for all Autoimmunes out there. 

After many years of fighting various illnesses and contending with people’s reactions and prejudice I felt I wanted to do something. I wanted to help. I wanted to give back to the world. This is how I chose to do that and I hope it is successful and that many people will benefit from the pain and emotional suffering that I share on this blog. 

It takes a lot of energy, confidence, courage, commitment and focus to lay your life out and expose yourself to the world. I truly hope it is worth it. 

Gentle hugs, 


5 thoughts on “Now For A Brief Message –

  1. I love what you write, I think it’s important to share your experiences so that others out there don’t feel alone. As for the pity party, you write, with honesty, care and humour. You don’t strike me as someone who is looking for others to pity you. Stay strong and keep writing love ya heaps


  2. It is so worth it Trish ! I read everyone of your post that comes to my email and it reminds me that the pitty party I have for myself on different days is not such an unusual thing when one has so many things that hurt or don’t operate as they should. It also reminds me I am not alone in this testing existence I have and there are so many people worse off than me that cope every day. Your posts make me smile, laugh, cry and feel proud to follow you, all things I find hard to do with other people these days. So please keep writing, your efforts are much appreciated. Cheers Danae


    1. That is just so wonderful and so needed. We all like encouragement to keep going. Push through. And it helps to know that I am serving the Autoimmune community properly and giving them the respect they deserve. I really believe that the key is unity. Sending love and thoughts your way and thank you for joining me and supporting what I do x


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