What I Learned From This Sick Life. Part One #life #truth #community #respect

When I was young, and even into my twenties, I loved movies and stories of super heroes. Good versus evil or ordinary people becoming great and saving the world. 

Even today the world is fascinated by the idea that someone can and will save the world… And win the girl. 

It was such a waste of time but nobody learns things the easy way, it takes time and a lot of falls. Letting go of the fantasies and denial and embracing the real world. 

At some point though I stopped needing those superheroes and realized that we are all human and we can only truly save ourselves. No one is going to fly in and do that for us. 

During the average life our world will need saving, maybe more than once. We will fail to always save the day and we may lose a lot of girls (or boys ) on the way. It makes sense that we accept that no one person has super human strength or super powers, but that we all can still save a life. An important life. Ours. 

I don’t believe, or need to believe, in perfect worlds or perfect endings, just normal people doing whatever they know how to do and coping as well as they know how to. 

We don’t need to idealize life but try to aspire to enjoy it and let it grow us. Let it teach us and let it prepare us for the next time our world faces tragedy and needs a hero again. 

When I started writing this blog it was never my role or intention of ‘saving’ lives or being personally responsible for curing these diseases. I hoped it would teach me how to talk about these experiences, share my humanity, accept my journey and to teach others what these diseases are like. 

I have also enjoyed meeting so many other interesting, wonderful and remarkable fellow ‘heroes’ along the way. 

Superheroes are not only non existent but unnecessary when you are able to accept the challenges life hands you and the people who came into our lives. 

And I prefer wearing a comfy pair of pajamas over a cape anyday!

Gentle hugs, 


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