What Makes A life Worth Living –

What makes a life worth living?
Is it glory?
Is it fame?
Is it money?
Perfect bodies with tousled hair?
Or wallets stretched and overflowing?

What is our happiness?
our peace?
Is it a quiet place that fills you up with ideas and music?
Is it bringing life and love to the cold and empty places?

Is it art, music, all singing, all dancing?

Or is it those places where people go to love and feel each other’s pain and hold on to no matter what?
Or does it rest in twisted hands and wrinkled skin; holding softly and warmly?

Is it the chances to be looked at, covered with tshirt praise and plastic experiences.
Or is the warm and sincere touch of well known hand.
No matter what.
No matter where.
No matter when.

Who are the people and the feelings that linger in our minds when we lay down to sleep or to cry tears of love, hope, memory and joy.
Spilling love for people that reach into our hearts and leave imprints, voices and meaning. Whispering hope.

Those that have their names forever in our heart and memory are those who filled the moments and hours with dignity, thoughts and belief in tomorrow.
They are the ones who taught me how to take the next steps on my journey.

What makes a life worth living?
Will we all have our own answers at the end, or will we have the same answers as everyone else?

Will the answers be written in our hearts, holding our hands,
and cover our bodies like a living story.



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