Invisible Illnesses Day – #Awareness #Hope #Ideas #Lifechanges #Connecting #Supporting

Mask Template

Earlier this week I came up with an idea and put it out to the online world for some feedback. I was happy to get some very positive comments in response.

Basically I thought of a way in which we might promote the concept of Invisible Illnesses Day where people who have these illnesses and diseases, and the community, could wear a simple mask (like the one in the picture above) which  would show the world how we mask a lot of what is going on inside us so that we can fit in with the rest of the world.

The mask could even have different words written on it like Pain,  Isolation and Tiredness and the various symptoms that sufferers may struggle or endure in their day to day lives.

A lot of illnesses fall under the banner of ‘Invisible Illness’ so I would anticipate that it would be helpful to many different people all over the world. That is my dearest hope anyway.

Further details and discussions would need to happen with a lot of different organizations, groups and societies but I think that the most important result of such a campaign would be the idea of raising awareness and hopefully ‘social acceptance’ and understanding.

I have no doubt that it will be a long way in the planning, organizing and support of such a concept but everything has a beginning and I hope that it would be worth it if it bought much needed support and relief to those you would benefit from such an awareness initiative.

I would love to hear feedback from anyone who might be interested or supportive of such an idea. Nothing can be achieved without he help and support of those who not only  feel passionately, but also have the skills and knowledge base needed to make such an idea come to fruition.

My husband and I have worked very hard this year to put together supportive ideas and groups to help those suffering from a range of illnesses and health challenges. We are so pleased by the feedback from those who have benefited from our efforts and we have made some life long friendships along the way.

As you can appreciate it takes a lot of effort, energy and pain to put ideas into motion and we could not have done it without the wonderful people who stepped forward to help and support us. We all focus on a time when Autoimmune diseases and invisible illnesses are given the respect, dignity and empathy they so richly deserve and every little step that we can do to help has been deeply rewarding and satisfying.

Everything that we have done this year has been a labor of love, and always has many health challenges and repercussions as a result, but our constant hope is to improve the lives of those who suffer every day, in their own unique ways.

Throughout the year we have been slowly growing and extending our ‘Chronic Groups’ to promote support, dignity, respect, joy and entertainment with groups like:

Chronic Traveller – a group for supporting, inspiring and celebrating travelling with chronic illness and health challenges.

Chronically Chic – A group aimed at promoting respect, self-esteem, support and celebrating each other, regardless of the illness or health challenge you might have.

Chronically Artistic – For encouraging, inspiring, celebrating and recognising the wonderful art, hobbies, crafts, interests of our wonderful community of chronically ill and health challenged.

Chronically Parenting – This groups is for all those parents who are trying to juggle parenting with health challenges. Its a place for support, encouragement and validation.

Chronic Gardener – For anyone who enjoys gardening, gardens, nature regardless of what health challenges you might have. Join this group for Ideas, inspiration, support and fun

Chronic Bookworms –  For anyone who enjoys books, reading, blogging and want to share their love of books with a group of fellow book lovers. No matter what your interests or health challenge, we would love to have your company

Chronically Active  – For those who have health challenges and need some support, inspiration and understanding to be active and enjoy sports and hobbies. We are here with understanding and  respect.

Chronically Me – This site is dedicated to the discussion of life experiences since becoming ill or having health challenges. This is a more positively focused and a frank discussion of life in general and how we maintain our body – mind link. We hope this group will encourage each other with positive thoughts, sharing our stories of coping, and connection.

Chronically Culinary – If you are a foodie and love recipes and food ideas, despite having chronic illness or health challenges. Come share your favourite recipes and ideas here. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a nutritional or diet page but simply a page with many different types of foods and recipes. Strictly for the food lovers out there!

Chronically Creative – A fun place to meet and show your creative side and ideas. We want to see your arts, crafts, scrapbooking… anything! We really hope you have some fun and make some new friends!

We hope that with these groups, Autoimmunitygirl and Mask Day might be a continuation of the hopes of uniting and connecting with fellow sufferers and fighters all over the world.

Gentle hugs,


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