The Chronic Family Is Growing! – #hobbies #interests #support #connect #enjoy #fun

Chronic Groups Of Interests

Over the past year I was inspired to create and organise support groups for those suffering Chronic Health issues and who wanted to find places where they will be understood and accepted. I wanted to create places where we can still enjoy some of our passions, creativity and hobbies despite being isolated by illness and disease activity. Since then we have grown the family to include many different topics, interests and information and I was joined by a team of wonderful people who shared, support and encourage the Chronic Groups and ideals.

I hope that these groups will help inspire our community of health challenged, survivors and warriors and allow us to reclaim some of the things that we enjoyed and loved.

We hope that you will all enjoy and value these groups and that they help connect you with the many others all over the world.

Many thanks,

Chronic Traveller – a group for supporting, inspiring and celebrating travelling with chronic illness and health challenges.

Chronically Chic – A group aimed at promoting respect, self-esteem, support and celebrating each other, regardless of the illness or health challenge you might have.

Chronically Artistic – For encouraging, inspiring, celebrating and recognising the wonderful art, hobbies, crafts, interests of our wonderful community of chronically ill and health challenged.

Chronically Parenting – This groups is for all those parents who are trying to juggle parenting with health challenges. Its a place for support, encouragement and validation.

Chronic Gardener – For anyone who enjoys gardening, gardens, nature regardless of what health challenges you might have. Join this group for Ideas, inspiration, support and fun

Chronic Bookworms –  For anyone who enjoys books, reading, blogging and want to share their love of books with a group of fellow book lovers. No matter what your interests or health challenge, we would love to have your company

Chronically Active  – For those who have health challenges and need some support, inspiration and understanding to be active and enjoy sports and hobbies. We are here with understanding and  respect.

Chronically Me – This site is dedicated to the discussion of life experiences since becoming ill or having health challenges. This is a more positively focused and a frank discussion of life in general and how we maintain our body – mind link. We hope this group will encourage each other with positive thoughts, sharing our stories of coping, and connection.

Chronically Culinary – If you are a foodie and love recipes and food ideas, despite having chronic illness or health challenges. Come share your favourite recipes and ideas here. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a nutritional or diet page but simply a page with many different types of foods and recipes. Strictly for the food lovers out there!

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