The Fight To Be Normal –

I know that many of you are thinking you probably already know where I am going to go with this one. You might be right but I am going there anyway.

Caitlyn Jenner is in front of so many cameras that as you can see she needs bodyguards wherever she goes.

She is gaining accolades and tributes with each new day and showing no sign of slowing. A true media juggernaut.

At the basis of her message is that all these years she had suffered in a “body that didn’t feel right”. Her words. And how she has a long battle in the fight to feel normal.

It comes as a complete shock to me that if America, and the world, can accept her at her word and believe her battle and glorify her for her bravery why then can’t this empathy be extended to those who fight decades of pain, rejection, financial hardship, medications, epic struggles, legal battles, medical scrutiny, social isolation and loss of identity … “Just to feel normal”.

We don’t have the medical resources, the media resources, the unlimited budgets, the make up artists, the stylists, the cameras, the designer frocks all waiting to helping us to feel normal every day but we do our best to show the world that we are trying so hard… And we would love to feel normal too; even for a moment. The only reason we don’t is because of how we are treated and viewed by the world.

You see we all throw around ideals like acceptance, normal, valued, appreciation and we feel the pressure to try and earn them but shouldn’t we be asking “why is it being withheld? Who is keeping it from us? And why are we not feeling normal or accepted in the first place? We didn’t do anything to not deserve these things so why is society withholding them? Answer this and I am sure we won’t need to fight to feel normal or loved again.
Gentle hugs,


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