The Growing Chronic Family –

thank you

Thank You –

I got a Personal Message last night from a member of the ‘Chronic groups’ who expressed deepest thanks for the kindness, tolerance and support she gets from these groups.

It has been the focus of all the groups and the constant work of the admins to build sites that really do support and lift all those with chronic health issues.

Carolyn , Deborah, Ann, Julie-ann, Lina, Katherine, Lucy, Allie and all the team strive to make groups which feed respect, kindness, empathy and help remind us all that we are still amazing, courageous and worthy people regardless of the obstacles life has but in our path.

From all different backgrounds and illnesses we have come together to help each other make the road a little better for each other.

There are no easy answers to life’s problems but I truly believe that when we respect and honor our spirits we can help cope a little more with each step of our journey.

I want to thank everyone involved in the groups, including all the members, for making them as wonderful as they have been.

Many thanks.

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