The Dark Ages of Medicine. 

I am not often reduced to the cranky side as I have learned to take a great many things on the chin over the years. You have to in the Autoimmune business. But I read something today that meant I had to climb, painfully, back onto my soap box for a brief and colorful moment.

Basically the cause of my disgust comes at reading a medical article which suggest  that one cause of Autoimmune illnesses is mental trauma and repressed emotions from childhood.

Furthermore, researchers are starting to delve into the unhappy past lives of sufferers and believe there may be connections to emotions.

I am without words.

How much longer do we have to go around in these tedious and odorous circles? Why is it so important to constantly question the emotional integrity of sufferers? Why do we have to have our mental stability called into question ?? It’s beyond ridiculous!!

How many times do you think asthmatics have their emotional past explored? How often are cancer patients being asked about their childhood secrets? how often is a stroke victim told they may be the result of mental and emotional instabilities?

Honestly. Why is it so important to constantly patient blame or reinforce a link with mental illnesses!!

I would much rather they admit they have no idea and it’s anyone’s guess than constantly subject sufferers to all these different shaming and patient blaming techniques.  I would even prefer a return to leech trials like the Middle Ages. Or maybe even consulting ruins?!

Please, if you agree with me, and you too feel quite fed up by this constant attack on our emotional intelligence and stability, please express your intolerance of these so called medical witch hunts and send a clear message that there are plenty of bad childhood experiences, mental illnesses and bad researchers out there but none of this has to be the cause of Autoimmune diseases and incurable illnesses and we won’t allow our integrity being constantly questioned in this manner.

Time to do go back and do some real research.
Gentle hugs,


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