September is officially Pain Month:
In honour of this, I thought I would write a very small post about how pain can change you.
We all have been in either physical and emotional pain at some point in our lives and the worse the pain the more profound it leaves a print on our lives, our actions and who we are.
A broken heart can make us slow to trust and love again. 

A broken leg can mean a life time of pain management and adjustments.
When I first tried to describe the pain I felt from Autoimmune diseases, like so many others I have met out there, I too was doubted. It was awful. Doctors, friends, relatives, all could not understand the awful pain that was beneath the surface.
Some even accuse us of being either weak or pain intolerant, which is just the same as judging or patient blaming because they don’t know what is going on inside our bodies. Or they don’t want to know.
I once told my doctor, “I have lived through broken bones, burst appendix, gall stones and burns but I would gladly cut off my limbs to escape the pain that these diseases give me…” its THAT bad; and it may never stop
People who live with Chronic Pain are not weak, pathetic, attention seekers or liars. They are veterans of wars that have been raging for decades and deserve our loyalty, love, support and respect.
September is pain month and although there will be no public holiday I would like to salute all of you pain fighters and thank you for fighting through the pain to be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, employees, etc 
You are ALL HEROES to me.


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