My Love


And when nothing made sense anymore,and the world gave more questions than answers,

There was you.

And you made it all seem so very unimportant.

I cant remember what I did or who I was until 

we met and now I cant think of anything else.

And its not for the reasons that you think;

it’s for all the little things you don’t even know about.

Whatever happens,

Let it happen to US,

because I can’t be me without you now.

You are like the skin on my bones

that protects me and holds me.

You are like the fingerprints that is my identity

You are more than music to my heart, 

you are the reason they made music.

And my one wish in life now, 

is that the last time I close my eyes you will be

the last thing I see

And the last thing on my lips.

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