The Silent Curse – 

Body soaked in pains unseen I weep for the years that never will be mine

And then I weep for you my love

and all that life should have been 
We gave our hearts and pledged our fate

When youth was high and life a dream

It wasn’t you that lost your way 

It was my body that took us, too late
Death should be the kindest reward 

And a refuge from pain, age and war 

not be begged for from young hearts

Who cannot bare this cursed sword 
I cry now, not as a useless crutch

I cried those tears many years ago

But I weep now for those I have also hurt 

The years given to this evil touch 
Illness is the cruelest plague

Not anger, not weakness, not greed or lust 

For it will make the proudest man 

Beg for empty, silent, dust

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