Change And Body Image –


Without a doubt the biggest challenge for people who have gone through life changes and illnesses is accepting the new bodies we have and making a peace with the past.

Many of us were VERY active and even athletic / sports conscious people. Our competitive spirit and pushing ourselves is part of who we are and our nature.

The trick is learning how to harness that spirit to work for us and not against us. ie learning and accepting our boundaries. This does not happen quickly and can take many, many years of trial and error. If ever.

I have to constantly remind myself that this new body and new reality is the only one I have and anytime spent looking over my shoulder or regretting is only going to hurt my spirit and emotions.

So now I turn it into “every day is an achievement. Anything I do for myself is an achievement. Any movement is movement. Accept the now and appreciate what we can do.”

Its better than a lifetime of regret and giving up.

My inspiration is Stephen Hawking who may be in a wheelchair but his spirit and mind are changing the world!

With love and respect,
– Trish

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