Blogger Friends! – Rachel

Recently I found a group of fellow bloggers that have just made such a difference in my life!

They are a group of Chronically Ill, Health Challenged, Autoimmune, Disabled bloggers but MOST importantly they are wonderful, gifted, talented, inspiring, fun, smart, respectful … I think you get the picture!

I have asked them if I can share a link to their pages and, to my great honour, they said yes! So each week I intend to add the link to one of my fellow bloggers and show how truly wonderful they are.

They came into my life when I started wondering if my blogging was helping sufferers, and if it was helping to raise awareness, what I didn’t expect was to make such wonderful contacts and friendships. Life still surprises me!

Each week I would like to share a fellow bloggers site.

We are all here to support and encourage each other and everyone of the bloggers have their own wonderful spirit to share.

This week I would like to introduce Rachel!

Gentle hugs,


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