Connecting With Others –

I have always wanted to help all those amazing people out there who struggle with health issues and life changes due to illness.

Sometimes just finding the strength to face the challenges and pain can be so hard, isolating and confusing. Sometimes we may even think that we have lost all our interests, hobbies and friends.

It has been my hope to form a number of groups with the sole purpose of helping those affected by health challenges to find a way to enjoy hobbies, crafts, interests, arts and interests with others who understand what its like to keep our interests alive.

I sincerely hope that it helps all the other fighters out there and that it can help restore our identities, dignity, spirit and hope.

To date we have formed the following groups:

Chronic Traveller – a group for supporting, inspiring and celebrating travelling with chronic illness and health challenges.

Chronically Chic – A group aimed at promoting respect, self-esteem, support and celebrating each other, regardless of the illness or health challenge you might have.

or if you prefer just the community format

Chronically Artistic – For encouraging, inspiring, celebrating and recognising the wonderful art, hobbies, crafts, interests of our wonderful community of chronically ill and health challenged.

Parents with Autoimmune diseases and chronic Illnesses – This groups is for all those parents who are trying to juggle parenting with health challenges. Its a place for support, encouragement and validation.

Chronic Gardener – For anyone who enjoys gardening, gardens, nature regardless of what health challenges you might have. Join this group for Ideas, inspiration, support and fun

The Book Nook –  For anyone who enjoys books, reading, blogging and want to share their love of books with a group of fellow book lovers. No matter what your interests or health challenge, we would love to have your company

Please feel free to join in any of the groups that you wish and I hope you find them fun and interesting and a ray of sunshine during some difficult times!

Gentle hugs,


4 thoughts on “Connecting With Others –

  1. It will be. It is going to be another hit and humid day here. What makes this one special? I at least got to see a beautiful Sunrise this morning. First time in a long time. It is beautiful out. Almost too sunny to sit here on the computer.
    Trish, You have a good day as well. Thanks for sharing the groups.


    1. Sarah you might have noticed the book nook group… I am calling on people who are writers or bloggers to go and plug their sites or books for free… would you like to do that? Also if you would like to connect on facebook that would be lovely too


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