If you feel something, Say something! #Health #coping #love #support #strength

Don’t ever feel embarrassed or scared to tell people that you are struggling or not coping. It is not a sign that you are weak or mentally unstable. Its a sign that you are hurting and need help, love and support.

But if you feel overwhelmed please remember to LET people help if they offer or ask, or you teach people to ignore you.

Gentle hugs,

One thought on “If you feel something, Say something! #Health #coping #love #support #strength

  1. It is overwhelming at times. I am so use to doing things for myself. It’s been so long since I have been this bad off. It scares me because Danny won’t face it …won’t talk about it…….Is not helping me here…It is as if I was not sick at all. He is blocking it out….So I am left to Blog to strangers.
    I’m sorry, I usually don’t feel sorry for myself like this…..I am just tired. I can’t keep this house clean. He doesn’t seem to get it . Or won’t.
    I know a lot of this is just missing my mom. It will be a year later this month. Missing her makes me miss my son more. Bobby Got It. He understood when I wasn’t feeling good. I seldom said anything to him.
    My parents got old. My dad has enough problems of his own….
    I just feel lost. Lonely.


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