Just Another Week – #kindness #love #dignity #advocacy #generosity #humanity #thankful


I had to share a story that even as I write this I can not even describe the feelings but I can not stop myself from sharing…

This week was such a challenging week in so many ways… I know we all have them… weeks which seem to test your abilities to cope and make you doubt yourself and the way you think about yourself and the world…

Well… This week a dear friend of mine who is bedridden with Autoimmune diseases disclosed to me that she had been denied government funding for a hoist that will help her move in bed. I was heart broken. As she messaged me my heart was breaking and when she said she at whits end and feeling worthless, I found myself speechless.  The sad truth is that many of the profoundly suffering and affected patients are unable to advocate for themselves and are even too weak or disabled to ask for help.
But her suffering meant so much to me so I turned to a support site for assistance. My friend required $2000 in order to get the hoist. After a couple of hurdles, and when I was about to give up, someone, some amazing ONE contacted me offering the entire amount.

Yes. The entire amount. AND they asked to remain anonymous!
I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t!

Earlier this week I was at a point where I was wondering whether I was able to really help people or whether I was foolish and naive in my attempts to bring a human element to the plight of so many Autoimmune sufferers.

As my own health has deteriorated so much this year I have been working extra hard to put things in place and advocate as much as I can for the sufferers and loved ones of autoimmune diseases, hence I started “Autoimmunitygirl.com” ,  “Chronically Artistic” ,  “Parents with Autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses”, ‘Chronically Chic” , “Chronic Traveller” etc… it has all been in the hope of helping, connecting and respecting those who go through daily physical and mental challenges.

Derek has warned me time and again this year to slow down and be careful to not push too far beyond my limits. I started to lose faith and think that I had been mistaken and naive in my efforts.

Today has been a pivotal moment in my life and the life of the lady whose life has been forever helped. She will get the hoist she needs and it has moved me to tears to think that someone can be helped with a caring heart and a kind intention.

To the person who helped today (who has requested to be anonymous) there are no words to describe the thanks and appreciation for their actions. What can you say to a real hero?

Many times in life we doubt ourselves and doubt whether the world is a safe and kind place. We wonder whether people truly care about the weak, the exposed, the vulnerable and those who are going through difficult times (physically and emotionally). I hope this story does something to restore some hope in humanity and serve as way of lifting the human spirit and remember that Angels are just human beings that put aside their own needs and personal interests in order to help another person. They are everywhere and where we least expect them.

What have I learnt? I think I have learnt that life still matters to me… it always will… and I hope it  always will to you my dear friends/loved ones.

With so many difficult times and events that happen all over the world, I hope we never forget that we have the power to choose to help life when we can. Don’t let the actions of the cruel, greedy and selfish pollute our hearts and turn our backs on those that ARE worthy in this world.

When we love ourselves and respect ourselves first, we can’t help but love and respect other life.

Naive? Probably. But I think I would rather that on my headstone than ‘broken’.


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