My Riddle – #life #meaning #riddle #poem #lessons #autoimmune #chroniclife #write

My ‪#‎Riddle‬‪#‎life‬ ‪#‎poem‬

In order to truly appreciate beauty
You must know and be familiar with pain

A heart that has been truly broken
Is the only heart that can learn to love again

In order to help so many people
you have to know what its like to struggle and fall

It is only when we realise we are ignorant
that we can ever truly know anything at all

Life is both full and yet empty
Time goes both quickly and slow

While we struggle to cope with each challenge
there will always be things we cannot know

Whilst life can be reduced to the forces
of Choice, nature, science and chance

I will always be humble and marvel
how life can turn and change at a glance

As I grow older and alter
the things that have become important to me

is the love in my life, past and present
And the strength to be all I can be.

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