World Sjogrens Day – 23rd July

23rd July.


We hope you will join with the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation today in helping to raise awareness for Sjögren’s. We encourage patients, their family and friends and everyone else touched by Sjögren’s to take action, share their story, raise their voice and educate those around you.

In honor of today, we also ask you to consider making a donation to help further research and get us one step closer to a future of targeted therapeutics for Sjögren’s. Simply click on the “Donate” button on the World Sjögren’s Day page. You can make a donation in recognition of World Sjögren’s Day, in honor of yourself or a loved one fighting the disease or in honor of one of the 4 million Americans living with Sjögren’s.

We must continue to increase research and awareness about this serious, life-altering disease but we can’t do it alone. This is why I am asking you to join us today and together, we can transform the future of Sjögren’s! Thank you for your support!

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