Helping Each Other

Ever since I started my journey with Autoimmune illnesses I have strived to help my fellow sufferers gain respect, acceptance, support and some quality of life for all that we endure and all the challenges we face. I am always amazed by how many brave and courageous people I have met in my journey, including every one of you here.

I am honored to have done the work that I have done and will always be looking for ways to help and support the Autoimmune community and to make sure that one day we have the acceptance and the medications that we need.

Currently I have started several interest groups on facebook to help support individuals and remind us of our common, human, and daily challenges.

“Chronically Chic” – is a group to help us lift our self esteem and remember we are still wonderful people who are beautiful in every possible way.

“Chronically Artistic” – To help inspire, encourage, support those who want to continue to express themselves in their art, hobbies, interests so we never forget the talents that lie inside us.

“Chronic Traveller” – For anyone to share their tips and travel stories no matter where you have been or where you would like to go. Sometimes its just nice to see different parts of the world especially if you cant travel as much as you would like to.

“Parents with Autoimmune Diseases and Chronic illnesses” – To help parents support each other with the everyday challenges of parenthood.

and finally

“The Book Nook” – for anyone who would like to share their reading passion or promote their own original works.

With information and education sites as well as sites dedicated to ensuring we remain keep our hope, dignity, self esteem and sense of community. Together we can help each other cope and raise awareness.

I truly hope that these will help my fellow fighters and I send out much kindness and respect to you all.

Many thanks,


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