In My Opinion –

In My Opinion…

One of the biggest concerns I have for the Autoimmune community and for autoimmune research is that by splitting up all the difference diseases (80+) it makes patients and public think that there are more important or ‘glamorous’ illnesses and consequently some AI diseases get better known and more funding and support. However this overlooks the fact that patients can have so many overlapping symptoms, drugs and treatments regardless of which disease they have.
Dividing AI sufferers up into different labels and making them compete for awareness and funding is cruel and pointless. I believe that uniting together and identifying as a larger group (80 million in the US) will bring more more support, awareness and respect and allow AI sufferers to connect and support each other in real and rewarding ways.

As a sufferer of more than one AI myself, I don’t think any of these diseases are more ‘glamorous’ than the other and certainly no easier to live with. They are all challenging and living with a chronic illness is the battle we all share in common.

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