The Things We Do – #write #hope #lifelikethis #Autoimmune #Chronicillness #Disability #Pride #Life

What We Do –

When I first told my hubby that I wanted to do my bit to help those whose life had been forever changed by illness and health challenges he was worried that I would overdo things, or cause my symptoms and relapses to worsen; but he knew I would do it anyway.

I knew I had to do something. Anything. To help others. Others just like us. My husband and I had been through so much that I couldn’t bare to think that there might be people like us, having gone through all that we went through, feeling isolated and strange by what was happening to them; I had to do something to make sure I connected with them and, at the very least, we knew we were not alone.

So I write. I write about the day to day. I write about what happens to me and my husband. I write about what it feels like, how people treat us and how we do anything, ANYTHING, to try and make small steps forward to reclaim life.

I write about how much I have changed and how it continues to change me and my life. I hope that if I write about these things, then someone else might connect with it and feel validated. I write about it so people wont feel lost in it. I write about it all so someone else doesn’t have to.

Since the first sentence I wrote and the first time I opened up my heart and soul for all to see and read, I have met so many amazing people that I could not have imagined. People who had lives similar to mine. People who worked in roles like mine. People who lost friends like me. People who have been hurt like me. People who have been doubted like me. Smart, caring, creative, artistic, hard working, honest, loving, funny, loyal and wise people that I feel strangely blessed to have met. ‘Strangely blessed’ because of the price we have all had to pay to meet each other.

Since then we have created a number of sites like the ‘Chronically Chic’ Site, ‘Chronic Traveller’ – ‘Chronic Living’ – ‘Chronically Artistic’ – ‘Parents with Autoimmune diseases or Chronic Illnesses’ and of course Autoimmunitygirl.

All of these things we have done and will continue to do to support, love , help, educate, validate all the people all over the world who go through so much just to survive each day so they can be mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters…

I wanted to make a difference and that is what I will always to try to do.

Gentle hugs,


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