Chronic Friendships – #life #truth #friendship #respect #lessons #dignity

Since becoming a chronic fighter, I have had to redefine a lot of things in life. one of those things is how I view and understand friendships.

Since I can not always go shopping, have coffee, look after someone kids, run errands for anyone, and most things that require physical demonstration of my feelings for them. Today my definition has become the following.

Friend; noun

– someone who accepts you for who you are. – Someone who respects your rights to your own opinion and does not feel the need to encroach upon your feelings or beliefs.  – Someone who does not feel competitive towards you and respects that you have challenges and choices of your own.  – A friend does not have to be physically present in order to be important –  Friendships do not have to last your whole life in order to make a difference to your life.  – A friend can be made online with someone whom you have never met, but share a mutual respect for. – Friendships can be as real and rewarding as they feel. – Friendships are not defined by age, sex, cultures, borders or cultures. – Friendships can be 30 years old or 3 minutes old and still have value. – A true friend will feel comfortable agreeing to disagree, without it impeding your ability to enjoy and respect each other. – A friend will want to know your true thoughts and feelings and not just require you to comply with theirs. – A true friend will want to discuss or resolve an issue/problem before ending the friendship. – A true friend wants you to feel happy and strong, even if they are not feeling happy and strong. –  A real friend celebrates YOUR life and milestones without feeling envious or threatened by your accomplishments. – A real friend respects you when are in need and suffering and empathize. –  A real friend cares more about what’s inside you and not what you have. – A friend will think of you from time to time without reason and reach out without invitation. – A real friend doesnt feel compelled to constantly do things to keep the friendship alive, the friendship lives based on the understanding that you have your own life and needs you must take care of.  – Real friends want you to take care of your own needs first so you can enjoy the times and moments you share together.  – A real friend never loses sight of who they are and feel they have to change in order for the friendship to continue. – A real friend doesn’t value you based on your mistakes and failures but accepts that everyone makes them. – It doesn’t hurt or demean you to apologize to a real friend because you know that they are not ‘keeping score’ or trying to belittle you. Forgiveness come easy in real friendships.

These are the types of friendships I look for now, and the type of friend I try to be.

Gentle hugs,


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