The worst pain of all #Pain #advocacy #Dignity #unite #lifeskills #writingforacause #autoimmune #chronicillness


Judging by the posts of so many fellow sufferers out there I think the single biggest symptom that ALL autoimmunies share is GUILT.

We spend most of our illness feeling guilty about all the people we feel we have let down, disappointed, inconvenienced and upset.

Even though we might be suffering these feelings needlessly, however this pain is probably the hardest to control and there is no analgesics for it.

Lets work together to help control this debilitating symptom by supporting and reassuring each other!

Gentle hugs,


3 thoughts on “The worst pain of all #Pain #advocacy #Dignity #unite #lifeskills #writingforacause #autoimmune #chronicillness

  1. Yes. I just finished having a weep before reading this. I know I can’t do better than I am, or more than I am, but watching the effects my limitations have on the people I love is the worst part of chronic illness. I want so badly to be able to care for my toddler myself. Watching the people I love struggle with caring for my child makes me feel incredibly guilty. Watching my child miss me… I’m going to make myself cry again. Thanks for your post x


    1. Dear friend. When these waves of pain, guilt and doubt hit you. Remember you are not alone. You have all of us here holding you and reminding you that you did nothing wrong. Illness and disease and lack of cures are not our blame. They are our challenge. Let go of the guilt and embrace the dignity and love. We are always here for you.


  2. I’m sure you read my mind sometimes, I’ve been having a major attack of the guilts lately. I know I’m doing the best I can with what I have right now but it’s really tough when you feel like you’re the one letting people down or holding people back. It’s hard to make others who don’t get it understand that day to day things change and what I’m capable of today I may not be capable of tomorrow.


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