What’s in a name? #Name #disease #politicallycorrect #autoimmune #support #care


There is so much discussion these days about the ‘Politically Correct’ term to call someone who has been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease/s that it is almost impossible to write about it in a way that will please everyone.

Some want to be called “fighters”. Some want to be called “Warriors”. Others want to be called “sufferers” and some get offended when asked what diagnosis they have and simply reply “I wont be reduced to a disease and giving it a name means that [insert diagnosis] has got me… I am going to be a survivor”.

These are all valid and admirable ways to view an illness and I have nothing against any of them. However, it does make it hard to please everyone out there who reads something I have written and instead of seeing the true meaning of what might have been discussed (in context), they may instead choose to become hung up on ‘one word’ that might have been used. I hope that this doesn’t happen to many of my wonderful readers or followers, but if my chance it ever does, I hope you will give a hall pass now and again.

I do hope all the readers of AG will know that whatever I choose to write on the day or identify in the moment, my intention is what truly matters. My empathy is clear and my focus is trying to reach out to the greater community.

Its not what is in the name… but what is in the heart.

Gentle hugs,


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