The rule of Law 

When I went to law school one of the many subjects I found fascinating and enjoyable was Constitutional Law. I admit I had a good teacher, but it was never-the-less a good subject. At the core of this specialist area of Law is the Australian Constitution and its rights, responsibilities and “implied” laws. 

Not all the rights and responsibilities incumbent on the government and its people are listed, so there are some that the high courts have deemed implied. Like our freedom of speech. In America it is expressly written, but in Australia, we are protected by the notion of implied rights.

Yesterday I made this very odd connection to my studies back then and how it relates to marriage and marriage vows. There are things that form part of the vows we make each other on the day, and then there are so many implied vows that people often forget as the years of marriage pass by. 

Amongst some of those ‘implied vows’ is that I must be prepared to see things from my partners point of view, even if that is difficult. I am the caretaker of his health as much as my own. I have a duty to look after my partners future, even if it were without me.We must be able to find the ability to forgive and reset the clock when we find that we have disappointed or hurt the other partner. We have the burden to always act from a place of kindness, love and respect, even when we dont fully understand the choices of our partners. A marriage asks more of you than can ever be set down in a few lines or vows. It asks you to give yourself, your dreams, your life, your health, your wealth and your undivided to commitment to working together for the rest of your lives. And. If we cant do that, fulfill that, become that, learn that and commit to that, we should not marry them.

We cant make a constitution that is long enough, specific enough, flexible enough or one that “grows” to adapt to the changing years, all on its own. And neither can we write vows that could possibly explain all the things you will encounter in a marriage and what we will do for the one we love. Some things we must Imply. 

Marriage isn’t for everyone and neither is constitutional law. But I am so glad we have both.

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