The Three R’s #coping #lifeskills #truth #live #life #respect #humanity #illness


The three R‘s of surviving a chronically ill moment

Rest. – Its pretty simple. Its more than an ‘option’ it is a requirement for someone with a broken immune system or other chronic illnesses. Go somewhere, anywhere and REST.

Release – Whatever it is that might be worrying you at the time, that might have you feeling anxious, guilty, worried, sad, lost, alone. Breathe. Think about how you might be feeling in the moment and… release. Breathe and release. Let it go while your body needs you to go into caretaker mode.

Remember – You are loved, you are important, you are valid, you are human, you are perfectly imperfect. Your life doesn’t have to look a certain way in order for it to have meaning.

Gentle hugs,


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