So…. I am reading up and I see that we have ‘cured’ 12 diseases within the 20th century. Yes 12. (link provided*)

Why only 12?

Why is it that anything useful seems to be happening at a staggeringly slow rate and yet movies, diet pills, games, fashion, weapons, luxuries are being released and consumed at a staggering rate… faster than we have money to buy them. Corporations are gathering all the wealth on the planet and directing it towards more greed and destruction.

Yet we have been to the moon once and cured ’12’ diseases…

-We havent stopped starvation
-Havent accepted responsibility for looking after the planet.
-Havent accepted basic human rights globally

Yet we still look up to greed and celebrity and look down on those who suffer from diseases, cruelty and injustice – (They are also your fellow human beings, animals and nature)

will we make it through another 100 years with this as our resume?

*Here is the Link I mentioned

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