When it’s enough. #lifeskills #truth #honesty #dignity# #peace #surviving


There seems to be so many opinions and feelings when it comes to “what is enough?’ Yours. Family. Friends. Employers. Media. Society.

“Have I done enough?”
“Do I do enough?”
“Am I enough?”

When I was younger it was all I thought about, and the answer I came up with was always NO! Today, after a very long journey and countless hours of self reflection and struggle, I am pleased to say that:

“I always do enough” (that my body can handle)
“I can only do what I can do, on that day, in that moment”
“I can only do what I know how to do”
“I am enough for anyone in my life.”
“I have enough of what I need to take me to tomorrow”
“I am enough for me”
“I am worthy enough for all I do and for all that I am (sick OR well)”
“I will die with enough of what I needed to have a complete life”

This is what I have learnt and I have learnt it the hard way, through the lessons of life.

Gentle hugs,


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