The sliding scale #donthate #keeploving #respect #support #caring #community

I read some posts recently from various different ‘support sites’:

I have to say that it is so strange how nobody seems to appreciate that Autoimmune diseases, and the extent to which they affect us can be sliding scale and has lots of different levels in-between. We all want to be at the ‘high functioning end’ (or better still, no symptoms/illness at all), but it’s just not true for all of us and while some of us are able to work, there are also many who are bedridden and suffering deeply… And no its not because they were not positive, careful, motivated or eating right. There really are so many different reasons and factors. The thing that saddens me is that sense of rejection that can be felt by those who are highly affected by those who are high functioning. It hurts and it feels like the worst betrayal because it comes from your fellow fighters 😥 Please don’t hate. Support.

Gentle hugs,


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