Chronically Chic is growing!! #beauty #chich #expert #chronic #stylish #dignity #fun

chronically chic2

Introducing our new guest expert!

Oh my gosh another milestone for Chronically Chic! I cant believe how lucky we have been with the wonderful people who have come along to add their talents for our wonderful followers. Our latest ‘expert advice is Nel. She is university qualified health care professional who also happens to be a qualified beautician and teacher. As well as all that she is the most gifted and talented person that I have been lucky to meet in my journey with skin issues, allergies and autoimmune challenges. She is going to be post tips and ideas from time to time and will also be available for you to contact personally from her own site with any questions you would like to ask her directly. I have learned so much about managing some of my challenges from her and she has bought so much fun and dignity to my life.
Thank you so much for joining us Nel. I know our followers and readers will be benefit too!

She is trained in all areas of beauty and skin care.

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