Chronically Chic Newsflash! We have a professional stylist on the team!


We have some wonderful news to announce already in that we have got the support and assistance of a personal stylist who has agreed to join us as an “ask the expert” adviser for any specific questions you might have regarding styling. We are very honoured to have her help and advice as not only is she a wonderful person, highly talented stylist, but she is also holds a health care professional degree and has understanding of many different health challenges that we may face. She works with many different clients so I have no doubt she will be an enormous asset. If you have specific questions or would like to engage her help please do not hesitate to contact her via her site.
We are so grateful that she will be dropping in to answer some of your questions and if tell us about various trends and how these can be modified to suit our bodies, illnesses and challenges!
Thank you Kim. We are so honoured!

Please follow the link below to her site.

Expert Kim

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