A good story #respect #survive #stilllearning #chroniclife #autoimmune #love

If someone were to ask me 10 years ago ‘Where would you like to be in 10 years?” I would have probably have said any number of things, or I would have admitted that I didn’t know, but hoped it was somewhere good. Although I could never have dreamed where I eventually ended up, I didn’t know then that I would be right.

‘Good’ is what we say to describe something we like, or we see it as having qualities which are positive. Good doesn’t have to look any particular way, take any particular form and is highly subjective in nature; what someone thinks is good can be awful to someone else. What someone calls good depends entirely about how they think and feel about it.

Something I share with a lot of other people is that I love movies, even now, there is nothing better to me than the whole experience of stepping out of yourself for a little while and absorbing yourself into a story, a narrative, a journey and taking on the reality of the characters in the movie. Some movie experiences can be wonderful, entertaining, enriching and inspiring, while others can leave us bitterly disappointed. I always marveled at how my hubby and I could see some movies and have a completely different experience and opinion. Some movies we have watched he has loved and I have been less than impressed and vice-verse. I always love it when we both enjoy the same movie and agree that it was good. It really depends on so many different things and is regardless of whether there might have been, drama, sadness, happiness, mind blowing CGI and humour. Its about the entire experience. The good AND the bad which makes it worth the journey.

So getting back to my story of what happened and where I am today. Where I am today looks very different from where I wanted to be 10 years ago. It has pain, suffering, fear, humour, beauty, the unknown, intrigue, some friendships ending, new friendships being made, learning, growing, plot twists galore! But if I sit back and review my own movie, my own story, like a critic might review a movie or a book, based on how I now feel and what I now think of it all. I would have to say I think it’s good. We can still like the movie even if the main character must suffer, must fight, must fail, must hurt, must reinvent himself/herself and even if they show all the signs of human frailty; sometimes we like those movies the most Because of those things.

Gentle hugs,


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